Polythene Tubing

Tubing and SheetingAlso known as Layflat tubing, poly tubing comes in a flexible and continuous roll of polythene sleeving open at one end and rolled up at other. An economical and easy way of packaging or enclosing objects of same width but varied length. Ideal for packaging odd shaped and long items. You just need to insert your product inside the tubing, cut to required length and heat seal, staple or tape one or both ends.

Poly Sheeting

When Polytubing is slit it is known as polythene sheeting. There is a variety of poly sheeting available on the market today, depending the way they are cut and wounded. Examples of these are single wound sheeting, double wound sheeting, centrefold sheeting, J-fold sheeting and Centerslit sheeting. Sheeting provides economical protection from dirt, dust and moisture.

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How it is made?

Most type of poly tubing and poly sheeting are made with polyethylene which mostly are low density polythene(LDPE). The most common way to make Polytubing is by blown film extrusion, also known as tubular film process.

In the blown film production process polythene melt is extruded through an annular slit die, usually vertically, to form a thin walled tube. Air is introduced via a hole in the centre of the die to blow up the tube like a balloon. into the tube causing it to expand and form a bubble. Mounted on top of the die, a high-speed air ring blows onto the hot film to cool it. The tube of film then continues upwards, continually cooling, until it passes through nip rolls where the tube is flattened to create what is known as a ' lay-flat' tube of film. This lay-flat or collapsed tube is then taken back down the extrusion ' tower' via more rollers. The lay-flat film is then either kept as such or the edges of the lay-flat are slit off to produce two flat film sheeting and wound up onto reels. If kept as lay-flat is known as 'layflat tubing' or 'Polytubing'

Types of polythene tubing:

Pallet Shrink Film

Pallet shrink film provides transparent all weather protection. It is ideal for stabilising heavy palletised goods while in transit. This range of polythene centrefold, tubing and pallet bags are used with our pallet guns.

Shrinkwrap Kits

Shrinkwrap kits that cuts and seals shrink film in one operation. These shrink wrap systems include a hot air blower and unrolling device. A professional and economical way to shrink wrap your products.

Polythene Layflat Tubing - PLFT

A continuous roll of polythene tubing stocked in light 120 gauge, medium 250 gauge and heavy duty 500 gauge. Roll widths available from 2" to 48" although we can extrude up to 54" flat if required. Layflat can also be printed with your own design.

Black Heavy Duty Layflat Tubing

Black Layflat tubing in high quality virgin polythene. Only available in 500g to offer high strength and light protection. All rolls 500ft / 153m The width is measured folded flat, it is not the diameter.

Low Density Polythene Film - (LDPE)

This polythene grade is known for being a general-purpose product. The majority of Polybags stock products such as the Lay Flat tubing are made using LDPE polymers. Polybags can manufacture any film or bag shape using this type of polythene, tailor made for your requirement.

Clear Medium Duty Layflat Tubing

Easy opening Medium Duty polythene layflat tubing in convenient standard length rolls. Clear. The width is measured folded flat, it is not the diameter. For the diameter divide twice the width by 3.142.

Clear Heavy Duty Layflat Tubing

Easy opening Heavy Duty polythene layflat tubing in convenient standard length rolls. Clear. N.B. The width is measured folded flat, it is not the diameter.